How to Join

Fraternities and Sororities conduct recruitment and intake events, activities, and informational sessions at various times during the year.

Each council has 2.5 minimum GPA requirement for Potential New Members (PNMs). Specific chapters may require a higher GPA.

Below is brief information about the process to join chapters in each council.


  • IFC Logo

    Interfraternity Council

    The Interfraternity Council organizes structured recruitment at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. This process provides an opportunity for men interested in joining a fraternity to meet and learn about each chapter. That then shift into at 365 model of recruitment.

    Interested in joining a fraternity? Registration is now open! Registration fee is $30. Recruitment will take place all Fall 2020. Click here to sign up.

    • CPC Logo

      College Panhellenic Council

      The College Panhellenic Council hosts formal recruitment every Fall semester. The formal recruitment process is a mutually selective process - potential members and active members are seeking to find their best fit by getting to know one another during each round of recruitment.

      Interested in joining a sorority? This Fall, formal recruitment will be held August 11th - 15th. Registration is now open! The registration fee for all students, incoming and currently enrolled, is $75. Click here to sign up.

      • NPHC Logo

        National Pan-Hellenic Council

        The National Pan-Hellenic Council utilizes the Membership Intake Process (MIP) for interested students to gain membership into an organization. Intake is the term NPHC organizations and most MGC organizations use to bring new members into an organization. 

        In order to participate in intake at Kennesaw State a student must attend NPHC Convocation, which generally takes place each Fall and Spring semester. This is an event for interested students to meet the organizations and learn more information about the intake process.

        Additionally, organizations host interest meetings throughout the year. 

        In order to participate in the intake process, an interested student must have attended an accredited college of university for at least one semester and be enrolled in a minimum of twelve credit hours the semester they plan to go through intake with a 2.5 cumulative GPA. 

        • Multicultural Greek Council

          The Multicultural Greek Council, utilizes similar intake practices to NPHC. Since 2012, MGC organizations have hosted "Meet MGC" an annual event where potential new members can learn about the council and the chapters.

          Each of the organizations will also host interest meetings throughout the year.