College Panhellenic Council


Executive Board

The KSU College Panhellenic Council (CPC) serves as the governing body over eight Panhellenic sororities: Alpha Delta Chi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha. The council is operated by Executive Board Officers and a Delegate who represents each sorority. The Executive Board Officers focus on promoting and supporting the interests, missions, and values of the social sororities. The community's sisterhood stands on four pillars: scholarship, leadership, community, and service. No matter which chapter you come to call home, your college journey will be enriched by these four tenants.

Members of the CPC hold prominent positions on campus, excel scholastically and serve the Kennesaw community through volunteering, advocacy, and philanthropy. The KSU Panhellenic Council is operated by executive officers and delegates representing all sororities, and is focused on promoting the interests of social sororities and the Greek community as a whole at KSU.

We are excited you have taken the time to learn about our community! For more information regarding the Council, the chapters, and Panhellenic Recruitment continue exploring the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life website and also visit

Kennesaw State University Panhellenic Website!

  • President - Hannah Moore 

    VP of Membership - Kayla Wolinsky

    • Membership Director - Precious Slade

    VP of Standards - Raquel Rondeau

    VP of Administration - Lauryn Calloway 

    VP of Public Relations - Kait Phillips

    • Public Relations Director - Hannah Willard


    VP of Recruitment - Anna Kate Berger

    • Recruitment Operations Director - Tori Hicks

    • Recruitment Logistics Director - Raquel Rondeau 

    VP of Recruitment Counselors - Mackenzie Smith

    • Recruitment Counselors Director - Marion Munisteri 


  • Interested in joining a Panhellenic sorority? Look no further! Click here to register for Fall 2020 Panhellenic Primary Recruitment. A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the KSU Panhellenic Website. Also, follow the KSU Panhellenic Instagram page!

    Fall 2020 Recruitment Dates:

    Tuesday, August 11th - Potential New Member & Parent Orientation

    Wednesday, August 12th - Sisterhood Day

    Thursday, August 13th - Philanthropy Day

    Friday, August 14th - Preference Day

    Saturday, August 15th - Bid Day

    GPA Requirements for Panhellenic Recruitment can be found in the Recruitment Rules in the "Policies & Standards" tab below.

    During recruitment every potential new member will have the opportunity to meet women from each of our chapters and learn how they can enhance your collegiate experience. If at any point you have questions, please email one of our Executive Board Officers and ask!

  • Logistics FAQs:

    Is it happening? 

    Yes, 2020 Recruitment will still be taking place August 12-15.

    In what form?

    Panhellenic will be hosting 2020 Recruitment via Zoom, an online video chat platform, for Orientation, Sisterhood and Philanthropy Day. Preference Day and Bid Day will be held in person, following all CDC Social Distancing Guidelines. Please note that this is our preferred method of how Recruitment will occur; however, if necessary due to different recommendations from KSU or the CDC, alternative arrangements to host Preference and Bid Day in a virtual format are being made. If this format is needed, all participants will be contacted immediately about the change.  

    But this is different than it has ever been, is it going to work? 

    Different is not always a bad thing. Since moving to a virtual format in March, Panhellenic has been continuing operations, holding video calls, and has seen the opportunity to connect and via Zoom. One of the most important factors during this time is a positive attitude and realizing that difference and change can lead to a positive experience.  Each woman in our community is  beyond excited to be able to still meet you, even though it is not the traditional way - we will work together to ensure you have the best experience possible. 

    What about COVID-19, will I be safe to participate in recruitment? 

    We are following all CDC Guidelines, including social distancing guidelines.  Each participant will be provided with a mask that they would be required to wear during Preference Day.  Rooms and surfaces will be sanitized between rounds and every participant will be provided with hand sanitizer.

    What do I do if I get sick?

    If you begin to feel sick or test positive for COVID-19 at any point less than two weeks before or during recruitment, please notify your Pi Chi. There will be a fully virtual option for you. Don’t not let this discourage you from joining a chapter as you will get to spend the next 4 years with them in-person after you have fully recovered! 

    What if I am at risk for COVID, do I still have to participate?

    All PNMs interested in recruitment will be given the opportunity to participate in recruitment to the best of their ability. If you are in the “at-risk” or immunocompromised group we will do our best to accommodate you through the process. If you would like to discuss the process and your specific case options please email .

    Will chapters sanitize between rounds?

    Yes. During any in person rounds chapters will sanitize all surfaces between recruitment parties.


    Why should I still go through recruitment if it's virtual?

    Going through recruitment and joining an organization is the highlight of many women's college career. Just because this process does not look like how it has in years past we would hate to see you miss out on this opportunity. The Panhellenic Council has worked hard to ensure that throughout this virtual recruitment you still have the best experience as possible!

    Can upperclassmen go through Panhellenic recruitment?

    Yes! Any currently enrolled KSU student can participate in Panhellenic recruitment as long as the student is eligible.

    What do I need to be successful with this new format?

    This new format requires the same of you as the previous format. We recognize that the format is different, but to be successful we need you to employ the same thought process of using this as an opportunity to be yourself and meet women in each of the sororities.  We know you might be nervous with the virtual components, but know as nervous as you may be - the sorority women will be just as nervous.  It’s important to come each day with an open mind and positive attitude. Remember that this is your week and your decision. If you trust the process and follow your intuition then you will end up in the right location. 

    Where is my money going?

    The money you paid when registering is being put to good use. We use that money to pay for all the fees that come along with renting space on campus (trash, staff, etc), sanitizing products, the shirt you will all receive, and also resources for you to utilize throughout the process.

    When can I move in?

    Early move-in is coordinated by KSU Housing. If you selected that you will require early move-in while registering, then your name will be given over to KSU Housing. Regularly check your student email to keep up with early move-in updates from KSU Housing. Typically, Potential New Members move in the morning of Orientation (August 11th) but this is subject to change due to COVID-19. We ask that you please keep the morning of August 11th open for your move-in. 

    How are you implementing racial equality in recruitment?

    As a Panhellenic Council, we have committed to eradicating any racial inequality present in our community and recruitment process. We have a no tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination or inequality. No woman entering our recruitment process should experience discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or ability. Check out our Instagram @ksupanhellenic to read our commitment statements regarding racial equality. If at anytime you see or experience discrimination during recruitment, please speak out by contacting your Pi Chi or email Hannah, KSU President, at We can only see improvements if we speak out and take action against injustice. 


    Technology Related FAQs:

    Should I use a virtual background?

    You do not have to use a background but we suggest having a plain background behind you. If you cannot find a plain background with little to no distraction then a virtual background may be a good idea. We know that not every computer supports backgrounds so if yours doesn't then try and find a plain wall to have behind you!

    What if my house is not quiet?  

    If your house is not quiet, you are welcome to be anywhere you want (as long as it's within CDC guidelines). You do not have to be in your own home if there are other places to find some peace and quiet. If you cannot leave your home then we recommend using earphones and sitting behind a closed door to minimize background noise. 

    What if I am in a different time zone than Kennesaw and the timing does not work for me?

    If for some reason the timing doesn't work well for you, we will offer makeup parties that at the end of each day that hopefully are a good fit. If not we will try our best to make accommodations for every individual that wants to go through recruitment, just email us at so we can work something out!

    What if I do not have access to technology?

    If you find yourself in this situation, you will have the option of using the computers located on the first floor of the KSU Sturgis Library on the Kennesaw Campus or the KSU Johnson Library on the Marietta Campus. 

    ***Note: If you will be participating in recruitment off-campus and this option does not satisfy your needs, talk to your Pi Chi about other options. 

    Do I have to go to every event? 

    Yes, you must be present at every scheduled event to continue through recruitment. Make-Up parties will be provided at the end of Sisterhood and Philanthropy day for those that encounter technology problems only.

    If I am not interested in a particular group, can I skip their session or leave my camera off?

    Intentionally skipping a party can result in your removal from the recruitment process by the Panhellenic Recruitment Team. Each of our sororities strive to respect each other and we have those same expectations from women entering into our community. We ask you to respect the time and effort of each chapter by attending their party upon their invite. There is always more to learn and new people to meet each day!

    What if I am shy and do not want to be on video?

    Remember, these women are excited to meet you and getting to know someone often requires a face to face interaction. But, if you truly feel uncomfortable you may keep your camera off and add the picture you chose during registration to Zoom. 


    What do I do if I have unstable wifi or zoom freezes?

    Always make sure you are connected to a stable WiFi before each round. If you experience connection issues during a party, contact your pi chi immediately. If you are ever disconnected from a chapter, there will be a Make-Up party for you to join at the end of the day. 

    In Person Experience FAQs:

    What do I need to wear?

    It’s important to look presentable and feel your best during recruitment. For Orientation, Sisterhood and Philanthropy Day you should wear a nice top in which you feel most like yourself. On these days, remember, you will only be seen from your chest up. For Preference day in-person, think of how you would dress for a nice weekend brunch with your friends! Any sundress or romper with shoes you are comfortable in will be a great option. For bid day, dress more casual! A tank top or tshirt with shorts and a comfortable pair of shoes will be perfect as you will be receiving your new chapter’s bid day shirt to change into after you accept your bid. 

    What should I expect (timing)?  

    We are still in the final planning stages of the exact timing for the actual schedule.  We will be hosting two Orientations on Tuesday, August 11th that will start around 4:00pm and end around 6:30pm. Please keep these times available. The rest of the week will begin around 9:00am in the morning and will last until later in the afternoon. Please keep the days of August 12th-15th fully available as you will need the time to rest and reflect at the end of each day. We will have a detailed schedule available for you in the weeks to come. 

    ***Note: If you have a scheduling conflict with any of this, notify your Pi Chi or email Anna Kate (AK) at

    Do I have to wear a face covering? 

    To participate in recruitment, each individual will be required to wear a face covering.  Panhellenic will be providing face coverings for all participants, including our chapter members, Pi Chis, and individuals assisting with the execution of recruitment.  

    Will I be provided food during Preference Day?

    Panhellenic will not be providing food during Preference Day.  If you feel you will be hungry while on campus, you are able to bring snacks with you to eat between the events.  

    Recruitment Support FAQs:

    What is a Pi Chi? 

    A Pi Chi is a sorority woman who has disaffiliated from their respective chapters on campus to serve as an unbiased guide for you as you meet with each chapter and navigate the recruitment experience.  


    What if I don't get along with my Pi Chi?

    You will have a chance to meet several of the Pi Chis throughout this experience.  Your Pi Chi is there for you to feel comfortable with how you’re feeling.  If you do not connect with them, utilize the opportunity to meet other Pi Chis as well as other participants in the process. 

    Will there be any new initiatives this summer to engage me in this process?

    This summer you will receive your Pi Chi group early! A Pi Chi (Recruitment Counselor) is trained by the Panhellenic Executive Board on how to support you best leading up to and during recruitment. The Pi Chi’s have disaffiliated from their sorority to be an unbiased guide for all women registered for recruitment. Receiving your Pi Chi early will allow you to lean on her in the weeks leading up to recruitment. You can talk through any hesitations, concerns or questions you may have with your Pi Chi without worry of judgement. 

    ***Note: Each Sunday, we update the Pi Chi groups with all of the newly registered women. Please allow time for us to place you and for your Pi Chi to reach out. If more than 8 days have passed since you registered and you still have not heard from your Pi Chi, please DM @ksupanhellenic on Instagram or email Mackenzie at the name you registered with and your phone number. 

    During Recruitment FAQs:

    Will I still have the opportunity to meet all of the organizations?

    Yes, you will have ample time to meet every organization in our community.  Even through a virtual experience for the first two rounds, you will be provided with the opportunity to interact with women from each organization to be able to learn more about their experience within their sorority.  

    What should I talk about during Panhellenic recruitment events?

    It is important to be yourself. Let your conversations flow naturally and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take time to learn more about how each chapter develops their sisterhood, how they support their philanthropy(ies) and how they enhance the sister/alumnae experience.

    What are suggestions you have on how to fully engage in a virtual form?

    In order to fully engage virtually we encourage you to find a quiet room that is separated from any distractions or noise. This way you are focused solely on the conversations. Practice finding the right space with little distractions before the date. Come prepared with some conversation topics or questions you may have so that conversation is constantly flowing, this will help keep you engaged. Remember to always be your true authentic self to ensure you are having the best conversations!

    How do I get a good understanding of the chapter if I don't interact with everyone?

    During recruitment, regardless of the format, you do not always have the opportunity to meet every sister in each organization.  As a result, ask questions!  Use the time you have with the sisters you meet to learn more about their chapters and their unique experiences.  Potential New Members are always encouraged to ask sisters any questions they have about the chapter as a whole - so start thinking about these questions now to ensure you get your questions answered during recruitment. 

    How will sororities rank me if they never meet me?

    We as a Panhellenic Community have experienced first hand the ability to still connect to others via video calls. Despite not being in person, you will still be able to have genuine and real conversations with our sororities. Each chapter has their own way of deciding who they will be extending invitations. These decisions are based around the values that define their sisterhood.

    What if I have trouble choosing a sorority?

    Difficult decisions are common, but do not look at this as a problem. Think about what each organization has to offer you and what you could potentially offer to the chapter. Focus on the chapter(s) where you felt the most comfortable and follow your intuition.

    Joining/Membership FAQs

    What are the requirements for membership?

    A Potential New Member (PNM) must be a currently enrolled KSU student. Note that each chapter may have a minimum GPA requirement. All PNMs must be registered and have paid the registration fee by the due date in order to join.

    What is a bid? 

    A bid is an invitation to join a National Panhellenic Conference sorority. Bids are extended the last days of recruitment and you can only receive one.

    What if I’m not happy with the bid I receive? 

    Always remember that accepting a bid does not bind you to the chapter. You can choose to discontinue your New Member Process at any point before initiating. The majority of women who accept a bid from their second choice end up extremely happy in their chapter and choose to initiate. Each sorority is full of different types of women and many opportunities, meaning you can find your place in any one of them!

    How will I receive my bid?

    We are still planning to distribute bids in person. On Bid Day, you will receive an envelope from your Pi Chi with your bid on the inside. You will be able to open these with the other women in your Pi Chi group so you can celebrate together! 

    If I go through Panhellenic recruitment, am I obligated to join?

    No. Women choose to participate in recruitment to meet people and spark new friendships. Panhellenic recruitment is an opportunity for you to meet sororities and decide if you’d like to join the fraternity and sorority life community.

    Is there a minimum GPA requirement to receive a bid?

    In order to be a part of our community, potential members must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.  This number is based off of an individual’s most recent cumulative GPA, whether that is their high school GPA, transfer GPA, or Kennesaw State GPA.  It is important to note that the Department bases our GPA calculation in conjunction with Kennesaw State University, meaning for high school and transfer GPAs that only core, non-elective classes are counted.  For the Kennesaw GPA, the department utilizes the adjusted cumulative GPA for membership purposes.

    Additionally, while the above listed GPAs are the minimum requirements to receive an invitation of membership into an organization, having this GPA does not guarantee membership.  For many of our organizations, a new member must have a GPA that is at least equivalent to their organization’s average GPA that is listed under the “About Us – Academics” section of the FSL website.  Due to this number constantly changing, other than publishing the minimum GPA for each council, the Department is unable to confirm the actual GPA needed to receive an invitation for membership into an individual organization.


    What if my parents/guardians do not approve of me joining? 

    Sororities are so much more than people see in the media. There are many positives that come out of joining a sorority. You not only find women that support you but you raise money for your community and philanthropy, grow personally and in leadership experiences, and establish connections that can benefit you after college. We also know that women in our Panhellenic community have an overall higher GPA than women not in a sorority. So explain things like this to your parents and hopefully they will understand. Also remember this process is for you and all about you, so if joining a sorority will make you happy, do it! 

    Post Recruitment Panhellenic Experience FAQs:

    How will joining a sorority be different this year?

    Each chapter is currently working hard to bring a sense of normalcy to Fall 2020. We are making plans to ensure your safety this fall by restructuring their events and meetings around the CDC, Georgia, and KSU social distancing guidelines. 

    Will sorority life still be fun/ will we have events due to COVID?

    This is still an uncertain time for our sororities. Despite this, our chapters are still finding ways to connect in smaller groups and virtually. COVID-19 has not been able to dismantle our sisterhoods and has taught our chapters how to interact and have fun in new ways, including even through virtual formals this spring!